Information for partners

The best restaurants, stores, fitness centres and other premium-class service suppliers worldwide provide PRIME customers with special terms, which enables to enjoy top quality service.

Over the past years PRIME has entered a number of agreements with the largest Russian banks, airlines and other companies for complete services of the top management and key accounts in Lifestyle management and Travel services.

The number of individual and corporate customers of PRIME is steadily growing, including the regional customer share growth. today over 20 000 customers use our services.

PRIME partnership advantages

Participation in the partner loyalty programme, including mutually winning benefits from over 700 companies – premium-class service suppliers worldwide.

  • opportunity to scale up your company loyalty programme.
  • additional communications channel with target audience.
  • placing partner profile on company website in section «Loyalty programme» and in marketing materials for PRIME customers.
  • placing partners’ news in PRIME newsletters, social media and on corporate website

Please, contact us to discuss cooperation details and options:

+ 7 (495) 660 70 54